List of UUID Generators & Tools

Version-1 UUID Generator

Version-1 UUIDs are a generated based on the current time, MAC Address, and a randomly generated number.

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Version-3 UUID Generator

Version-3 UUIDs are deterministic based on MD5 hash of name and namespace.

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Version-4 UUID Generator

Version-4 UUIDs randomly generated for when uniqueness is needed.

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Version-5 UUID Generator

Version-5 UUIDs are deterministic based on SHA-1 hash of name and namespace.

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Timestamp-First UUID Generator

Timestamp-first UUIDs are designed to be stored efficiently in indexed database columns.

Timestamp-first UUIDs »
Minecraft UUID Generator

Generate UUIDs for use in Minecraft.

Minecraft UUID Generator »
Bulk UUID Generator

Generate up to 100 version-1, version-4 or timestamp-first UUIDs instantly.

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UUID Decoder

Decode UUIDs to extract version number, variation, and (in some cases) MAC Address and creation time.

UUID Decoder »

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